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[VLOG] The Ups and Downs of Paris Sightseeing

Wowee, have we got a long vlog for you, nomads! Might wanna put the kettle on for this one! This will be our final vlog in our Paris series (click here for Part 1 and Part 2) and like usual when we stay in the one place for a while, we tend to leave the big things for last because there's always more time for that, right? Until there isn't anymore time and you spend the last … [Read More...]

Things to do in Istanbul - Tuqba

10 Things to do in Istanbul

Don't you love it when a city you've always wanted to visit turns out to be just as awesome as you'd hoped?! For us, this was Istanbul. Colourful, historic, dynamic and full of fabulous fare, there's a whole … [Read More...]