Kochi, India

Where to From Here? (a South Asian detour)

It's been a while since we've written an update on our travel plans. I guess the main reason we don't publish this information ahead of time on the blog is that we usually have no idea where we'll be next week, let alone months from now. But can you believe we actually have a plan for the rest of the year?! I know, this NEVER happens! This advanced planning has basically … [Read More...]

Things to do in Istanbul - Tuqba

10 Things to do in Istanbul

Don't you love it when a city you've always wanted to visit turns out to be just as awesome as you'd hoped?! For us, this was Istanbul. Colourful, historic, dynamic and full of fabulous fare, there's a whole … [Read More...]

Sebilj Fountain, Bašcaršija Old Town, Sarajevo

10 Things to do in Sarajevo

Sarajevo instantly pulled me in. It's not one of those cities that needed time to "grow on me" or left me undecided about whether I liked it or not. From the moment we stepped out into the old city, it had me. … [Read More...]