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[OPEN] Tokyo Photo Walk: Scavenger Hunt 2015

日本語のために下にスクロールしてください。For Japanese, please scroll down. Hey nomads! It’s almost February and that means it’s time for another Tokyo Photo Walk. This month, join us for a fun team … [Read More...]

Free Wi-Fi at Starbucks, Japan

How to Access Free Wi-Fi at Starbucks in Japan

Do you remember the Japanese public Wi-Fi service I told you about? For less than $5 a month and available at more than 60,000 urban locations, it's a steal! But for the short-term … [Read More...]

Wi2 300 Logo

Unlimited Wi-Fi Access in Japan for Less Than $5 a Month

In Japan and need access to the Internet? Despite all its technological advances, free public Wi-Fi in Japan is unfortunately not as accessible or reliable as you might think. Well, … [Read More...]

Setsubun celebrations, Sensoji Temple, Tokyo, Japan

Japan’s Setsubun: Demons out, good luck in!

Literally meaning the "seasonal division", Setsubun (節分) is an important Japanese celebration associated with the changing of seasons. Setsubun is traditionally celebrated on the day before … [Read More...]

Pink Penis Mikoshi "Elizabeth", Kanamara Matsuri, Kanagawa, Japan

Japan’s Kanamara Matsuri: The Penis Festival

The first Sunday in April marks the celebration of the Shinto fertility festival, the Kanamara Matsuri or the "Festival of the Steel Phallus." Known colloquially as the "Penis Festival", … [Read More...]

Seijin no Hi, Tokyo, Japan

[CLOSED] Tokyo Photo Walk: Coming of Age Day 2015

The festive season is over and 2015 is already in full swing. That means it's time to announce our first photo walk of the year and since arriving back in Japan! Come out and join … [Read More...]

Shimokita Tengu Matsuri, Tokyo, Japan.

Long Red-nosed Goblins Festival, Tokyo

The Shimokita Tengu Matsuri (しもきた天狗まつり) or Long Red-nosed Goblins Festival is held over three days each year in late January/early February. The event is held in honor of Tengu, the Japanese … [Read More...]

Beach Podstrana, Croatia

Why I’m Not Telling Anybody My New Year’s Resolutions

I love this time of year, I really do. A new year feels like a fresh start. It's re-energizing and exciting, and goal setting just falls naturally into this time of reflection and renewed … [Read More...]

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How to Read a Japanese Calendar

Happy New Year! Welcome to the year 27! Wait...27? Now, before you proclaim that I must still be feeling the effects of New Year's celebrations, it IS ACTUALLY the year 27 in … [Read More...]

Christmas Eve, Art Rink, Yokohama

2014: Our Year in Review

I know I say this every year, but this year has been one hell of a ride! 2014 saw us visit 17 countries and have some of our favourite travel experiences to date. Thanks, as always, for … [Read More...]