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New Bon Odori, Ikebukuro, Tokyo, Japan

[OPEN] IgersJP Instameet: Ikebukuro 池袋

日本語のために下にスクロールしてください。For Japanese, please scroll down. This month, we'll be embracing the warmer months at our favourite festival in Tokyo, the … [Read More...]

Sunset from plane window

36 Hours ‘Til Europe & Why We’re Changing Our Flights

I woke up this morning to Hai's face inches from mine. "Change of plans," he said. And just like that Iceland was off our immediate travel schedule … [Read More...]

Inside Japanese Onsen

How to use a Japanese Onsen

If you've ever been to Japan, you've probably had the opportunity to visit a Japanese hot spring. While often on a traveller's must-do list as a … [Read More...]

IgersJP Instameet Fukuoka

[CLOSED] IgersJP Instameet: Fukuoka 福岡

日本語のために下にスクロールしてください。For Japanese, please scroll down. Join us for our next Instagramers Japan Instameet in Fukuoka! As the weather heats up, it … [Read More...]

Australian Accent vs. American Accent

Did Travel Steal My Aussie Accent?

What's in an accent? I'd never really thought about it much until recent years. But I guess if you ask me now, I'd say a lot. Growing up in a … [Read More...]

Nemophila, Baby Blue Eyes

5 Japanese Flower Festivals You Shouldn’t Miss

In no other country in the world have we seen such dedication to appreciating the beauty of the changing of the seasons. Acknowledging the arrival … [Read More...]

The Peak, Hong Kong

Upcoming Travel Plans: Next Countries Start with A, F and I

Hey nomads! It's time to reveal our upcoming travel plans publicly here on the blog. We've been sitting on this one for the past little while, … [Read More...]

Cherry Blossoms Mt Fuji

8 Surprising Things About Japan for First-time Visitors

Having lived in Tokyo for several years now, we've witnessed the reactions of first-time visitors to Japan more times than we can count. With Japan … [Read More...]

Shibazakura Festival Chichibu Japan

The Rolling Pink Hills of Hitsujiyama

Japan loves its blooms, and now that cherry blossom season has seen its day in most of the country, we're now celebrating the arrival of shibazakura … [Read More...]

Caribee Recon Backpack

Our Travel Gear: Caribee Recon 32 Backpack Review

Every time we post a picture in which our backpacks are visible, somebody asks what type of bag we carry. We've come to realise that we haven't … [Read More...]


[CLOSED] IgersJP Instameet: Shibamata 柴又

日本語のために下にスクロールしてください。For Japanese, please scroll down. The next Instameet by Instagramers Japan will be a photo walk through the Edo-style town … [Read More...]

Red Palm, KL

Small Business, Big Loss

This past week I received an email that had a profound effect on me. In fact, even as I write this now I'm getting teary eyed. It's probably not the … [Read More...]

Rescheduled Hanami Instameet

[CLOSED] Tokyo Photo Walk: Hanami Instameet

日本語のために下にスクロールしてください。For Japanese, please scroll down. The weather's warming up and the cherry blossoms are starting to bloom, so naturally it's … [Read More...]

WWIM11 Tokyo Winners

Instagram’s Worldwide Instameet 11 Tokyo: Winners Announced

On 21 March 2015, we organised Instagram's Worldwide Instameet for Tokyo on behalf of Instagramers Japan. An incredible 160 people turned out! Plus … [Read More...]


Europe by Eurail: From Paris to Rome in 24 Hours

Teleportation may not have been invented yet, but the fact that we can physically move from place to place around the world with relative ease has … [Read More...]

Cherry Blossoms Tokyo

There’s Nothing Like a Japanese Spring

We've been beckoning it for months. For warmth, for beauty, for the city to turn to laughter. We anxiously anticipate the change, yet its eventual … [Read More...]

Glamping Sri Lanka

Glamping: Our Luxury Camping Experience in Sri Lanka

I've never shied away from "roughing it". I love the adventures that come with low-cost accommodations, whether that be hostels, share houses or … [Read More...]

My Sri Lanka - Yala

The Human-Elephant Conflict, Sri Lanka

You know what I realised on our recent trip to Sri Lanka? Elephants. I realised a whole lot about elephants. I've always loved this creature. … [Read More...]

Flying solo in Fukuoka

Married Travellers: Why I Still Love Flying Solo

Now, before people start jumping to conclusions and calling me a bad wife, let me say this: I love my husband and I love travelling with him. We … [Read More...]

Prince William in Tohoku Japan

If It’s Good Enough for Prince William, Visit Fukushima

Every year for the past three years I have written something on this day. I have talked a lot about the ongoing situation in Tohoku and ways we can … [Read More...]