Nasoni water fountain, Rome

5 Things we Learned about Italy in the First 48 Hours

Every new place we visit presents us with new learning opportunities. Different cultures and norms, add another language in there too, and you're suddenly thrown into perhaps the most enthralling educational game you'll ever play. The means to reaching the next level? Dive right in and soak it all up. Learn from your mistakes, then make more and learn from those too. You'll … [Read More...]

Cave Hotel Saksagan, Goreme, Cappadocia

Hotel Review: Cave Hotel Saksagan, Cappadocia

We were feeling a great sense of excitement when we finally confirmed plans to head to Göreme in Cappadocia, fly in a hot air balloon and experience a few nights sleeping in a cave! Now, you're probably highly skeptical about our choice in accommodation but … [Read More...]

Photo a Day Project: Weekly Round-up July 31st 2014

Photo a Day Project: Weekly Round-up #32

In this week’s round-up of our ‘photo a day project’, we get far more acquainted with queuing than we'd like and take our new camera out and about as we keep checking items off the 'to do' list during our last full week in Paris. Here's what we got up to … [Read More...]