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15 Top Places to see Christmas lights in Tokyo 2018-19

Are you looking for places to see Christmas lights in Tokyo? Well, you’re in luck because the Japanese are all on board with it, and the displays are increasing in number and wow factor every year.

Here are 15 places to see Christmas lights in Tokyo in 2018!

Where to see Christmas lights in Roppongi

Tokyo Midtown Christmas 2018

tokyo midtown starlight garden illuminations

Tokyo Midtown’s Christmas illuminations are spread over various indoor and outdoor points around the complex, the highlight of which is the spectacular ‘Starlight Garden’ in Grass Square.

Get ready to be transported into outer space with more than 500,000 blue LED lights, a 6m diameter “vision dome” that transforms into various planets and an audio-visual show that includes rippling wave-like movements and starry night-sky illuminations overhead.

This year, adding to the space theme will be 100 glowing planet-esque balloons, and until December 16th only, there will be a 12-minute special ‘Soap Bubble Illumination’ at the top of every hour, sending about 450,000 soap bubbles floating above the magical display.

This is our favourite place to see winter illuminations in Tokyo year after year and gets our Notes of Nomads’ top pick of approval!

Dates: Until 25 December 2018

Time: 17:00-23:00

Access: Roppongi Station (Oedo line), exit 8; (Hibiya line), exit 8 via underground passageway near exit 4a; Nogizaka Station (Chiyoda line), exit 3

Cost: Free

More info: Event website

Keyakizaka Illuminations at Roppongi Hills Christmas 2018

artelligent christmas roppongi hills

The highlight of the Roppongi Hills Christmas event has to be the Keyakizaka Illuminations that see the sidewalk zelkova trees covered in hundreds of thousands of LED lights.

In the past, the lights would change from a warm ‘CANDLE & AMBER’ color theme to a cool ‘SNOW & BLUE’ a few times an hour, however, in celebration of the 15th anniversary of the Keyakizaka Illuminations, this year there will be a special “Live Show Veil” theme, featuring a ‘SNOW & BLUE’-coloured “veil” made of 700,000 LED lights.

The program will cycle between 3 different programs every 9 minutes – 1 minute for each program with 2 minutes of all lights on between each.

The three one-minute programs are:

Waving Veil – a wave of sparkling light that dynamically flows through the entire Keyakizaka.

Breathing Veil – lights repeatedly lit slowly from left to right as if the trees are breathing.

Brightening Veil – each zelkova tree is lit up randomly, spreading throughout the entire Keyakizaka.

For the best view, head to the overpass walkway where you can take a shot of the tree-lined avenue from above with Tokyo Tower in the background.

While at Roppongi Hills, you may also like to check out the decorations at Mohri Garden, the tree in 66 Plaza, the paid ‘Sky Christmas’ at Tokyo City View, and the German-style Christmas Market. Read more about this and other top spots for Christmas markets in Tokyo.

Dates: Until 25 December 2018

Times: 17:00-23:00 (Keyakizaka Illuminations)

Access: Roppongi Station (Hibiya line), exit 1C; (Oedo line), exit 3

Cost: Free

More info: Event website

Tokyo Tower Winter Fantasy 2018

tokyo tower winter fantasy illuminations

The taller Tokyo Skytree may have stolen a lot of Tokyo Tower’s thunder over recent years, but this classic city structure is still the symbol of Tokyo for many.

This year, Tokyo Tower’s Winter Fantasy event will once again boast a warm orange colour scheme, the symbol colour of Tokyo Tower, with a 73,000 light strong illuminations display at its base.

In addition, in celebration of Tokyo Tower’s 60th anniversary, a real 11-meter tall fir tree will be displayed, along with the “60 Roku Zero Garden” in which you can find 60 types of evergreen coniferous plants and flowers.

From 4-10pm each day (on the hour and at half past), a 10-minute audio-visual show will see the lights change between orange, champagne gold, red, white, blue and green.

On the day of the anniversary itself, December 23rd, the steel frame of Tokyo Tower will change from its regular orange night lighting to a special “International Orange,” alternating between orange and white.

Dates: Until 28 February 2018

Time: 12:00-23:00 (from 16:00 to 20:00 there will be a 10-min ‘Lighting Show’ in the Roku Zero Garden every 30 mins – on the hour and at half past)

Access: Kamiyacho Station (Hibiya line), exit 1 or Onarimon Station (Mita line), exit A1 or Akabanebashi Station (Oedo line), Akabanebashi exit

Cost: Free to access the illuminations area (going up the tower is paid)

More info: Event website

Christmas lights near Tokyo Station

Tokyo Michi Terrace 2018

In a special event spanning just a few days over Christmas, the restored European-style facade of Tokyo Station will once again be lit up in spectacular style.

This year, the display will feature a projection along a “fire, water and wind” theme. The projected images will be interwoven with light sequences, resulting in magnificent motifs transforming the station into a special sight for the holidays.

In the square in front of the station, there will be a “Waltz”-like rhythmic lighting display. Be sure to also check out the mirrored art installations.

Dates: 24-28 December 2018

Time: 17:00-21:00

Access: Tokyo Station, Marunouchi North exit

Cost: Free

More info: Event website

Marunouchi Illumination 2018

For the elegant and eco-friendly evening stroll, wander down the 1.2km tree-lined Marunouchi naka-dori display with its 1 million champagne-colored low-energy bulbs.

Dates: Until 17 February 2019

Time: 17:30-23:00 (from 17:00 until midnight during December)

Access: 1 min from Tokyo Station’s South exit

Cost: Free

More info: Event website

White KITTE 2018

Head to the 1F Atrium of the KITTE Building in Marunouchi to see its stunning 14.5 meter white tree. Check out the 3-minute light show that takes place every 30 minutes from 17:10-22:40 (~21:40 on Sundays/holidays) and will alternate between a “Bedtime Story” version at 10 past the hour and a “Precious” version at 40 past.

On the 1F South Terrace, you can find a brilliantly shiny illuminations display of 22,500 gold LED lights from 17:00-24:30.

The building will also be hosting various special events during the holiday season, including live music performances.

Dates: Tree and lighting show until 25 December 2018. 1F South Terrace gold illuminations display until 31 January 2019.

Time: 17:00-23:00 (until 22:00 on Sundays/holidays), ~24:30 for terrace illuminations.

Access: Tokyo Station (Yamanote, Chuo, Marunouchi, Sobu lines), Nijubashi Station (Chiyoda line)

Cost: Free

More info: Event website

Christmas lights in Shibuya, Harajuku, Omotesando and Ebisu

Shibuya Ao no Dokutsu 2018 (Shibuya Blue Cave)

shibuya ao no dokutsu winter illuminations

Now in its third year, the Shibuya ‘Blue Cave’ sees the trees along an 800m stretch from Shibuya Station to Yoyogi Park lit up in thousands of blue LEDs, creating a magical tunnel-like atmosphere.

With a killer location, this display is quickly becoming one of the more popular illuminations spots in Tokyo over the festive season. Read more about the Blue Cave Shibuya here.

Dates: Until 31 December 2018

Time: 17:00-22:00

Access: Harajuku Station (JR Yamanote line), Omotesando exit; Yoyogi-Koen Station (Chiyoda line), exit 3; Yoyogi-Hachiman Station (Odakyu line); Meiji-jingumae Station (Chiyoda and Fukutoshin lines); Shibuya Station (JR Yamanote line), Hachiko exit

Cost: Free

More info: Event website

Omotesando Illuminations 2018

omotesando winter illuminations

Take a romantic walk between Jingumae and Omotesando crossings where 900,000 champagne-colored LEDs will light up the 1.1km stretch of zelkova trees.

This year’s event is sponsored by Google Pixel who have arranged a special open-top ‘Pink Bus’ from which to experience the ‘Magic Illumination’ display. See the event website for a video and reservation details.

Dates: Until 25 December 2018

Time: Sunset-22:00

Access: Harajuku Station (JR Yamanote line), Meiji-jingumae Station (Chiyoda and Fukutoshin lines), Omotesando Station (Chiyoda, Ginza, Hanzomon lines)

Cost: Free

More info: Event website

Yebisu Garden Place Winter Illuminations 2018

Boasting one of the largest Baccarat chandeliers in the world, Yebisu Garden Place has to be one of the classiest places to enjoy winter illuminations in town.

The festive display includes 100,000 champagne gold lights, a 10m tall Christmas tree in Clock Square, as well as an on-site German-style Christmas market. Ten-thousand blue LEDs will also decorate a 100m stretch of trees along the JR tracks with a dynamic lighting display that is said to mimic the experience of walking along a canal.

Dates: Until 28 February 2019 (Christmas tree until 25 December 2018, Baccarat ‘Eternal Lights’ chandelier and “canal” walk light-up until 14 January 2019)

Time: 16:00-24:00 (chandelier from 11:00-24:00)

Access: Ebisu Station (Yamanote line), east exit; (Hibiya line), exit 1

Cost: Free

More info: Event website

Christmas lights in Shinjuku

Shinjuku Terrace City Illumination 2018

shinjuku southern terrace winter illuminations

There’s nothing like a quick walk along Shinjuku’s Southern Terrace to put you in the mood for the holidays.

This year’s theme is ‘Be Connected’ and will feature floral elements. The illumination spots and photo points are spread out around the Shinjuku Station area. See here for their precise locations.

Dates: Until 14 February 2019

Time: 17:00-24:00 (from 16:30 in December)

Access: Shinjuku Station, south exit (for Shinjuku Southern Terrace), west exit (for Odakyu Department Store and Mosaic Street)

Cost: Free

More info: Event website

Christmas lights in Shimbashi

Caretta Illumination 2018

canyon d'azur caretta shiodome illuminations

If a fairytale Christmas is what you’re after, then this sparkly display at Caretta Shiodome should fit the bill.

This illuminations display is now in its 13th year and the special theme for this festive season is ‘Disney Princesses.’ Two different audio-visual shows will be on offer, alternating between the stories of “Anna and the Snow Queen” and “Rapunzel on the Tower” each week.

Dates: Until 14 February 2019 (except January 1st and 2nd)

Time: 17:00-23:00 until December 31st (18:00~ from January 3rd)

Access: Shiodome Station (Oedo line), exits 5, 6

Cost: Free

More info: Event website

Christmas lights at Tokyo Skytree

Tokyo Skytree Town Dream Christmas 2018

Check out the hundreds of thousands of LEDs decorating the walkways connecting the 4th Floor Sky Arena at Skytree’s Soramachi Mall and Tokyo Skytree/Oshiage Stations.

Visitors can enjoy an 8-minute projection mapping show every 30 minutes from 17:30 (last show 20:00), while the 634m tower itself will also be lit up from 17:30-22:00, alternating between a festive red and green each day. A German Christmas market will also be held from 11:00-22:00.

Dates: Until 25 December 2018

Times: 16:00-24:00

Access: Tokyo Skytree Station (Tobu Skytree line); Oshiage Station (Tobu Skytree, Keisei Oshiage, Asakusa, Hanzomon lines)

Cost: Free

More info: Event website

Christmas lights at Tokyo Dome

Tokyo Dome City Winter Illumination 2018

tokyo dome city winter illuminations

Wander around Tokyo Dome for illuminations displays made of up hundreds of thousands of LED lights. This year’s theme is “Japanese style” showcasing the traditional culture of Japan.

The 140m interactive “Kaleidoscopic Road” in the Laqua area (pictured above) is always a highlight.

Dates: Until 17 February 2019

Time: 16:00-24:00

Access: Kasuga Station (Mita, Oedo lines), exit A1; Korakuen Station (Marunouchi, Namboku lines), exit 2; Suidobashi Station (Chuo-Sobu line), west exit; (Mita line), exits A3, A4, A5

Cost: Free

More info: Event website

Christmas lights in Tokyo suburbs

Winter Vista Illumination 2018

This popular event at Tokyo’s largest park, Showa Kinen Kōen (Showa Memorial Park), includes a number of illumination displays over multiple zones.

Points of note include the Christmas tree made of 15,000 champagne classes, the ginkgo tree promenade and the night picnic area. Visitors can also enjoy a 5-minute fireworks display at 19:00 on December 22nd, 23rd, 24th and 25th.

Dates: Until 25 December 2018

Time: 17:00-21:00 (last entrance 20:50)

Access: Nishi-Tachikawa Station (JR Chuo/Ome line), then proceed to the park’s Tachikawa entrance.

Cost: Usual park entry fee of ¥410 (adults), ¥210 (seniors) and ¥80 (kids).

More info: Event website

Yomiuri Land Jewellumination 2018

If you’re wanting the most over-the-top twinkly Christmas experience money can buy, you’re sure to be satisfied with the million of lights at Yomiuri Land’s “Jewellumination” display.

This amusement park always goes big for the winter holiday season with breathtaking illuminations that are all about the sparkle. The park boasts a ferris wheel which allows you to enjoy the night view of both Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Skytree simultaneously, and is a popular winter date spot.

Dates: Until 17 February 2019 (closed January 15th-17th and 21st-24th)

Time: 14:00-20:30, from December 15th-25th ~21:00

Access: Keio Yomiuri Land Station (Keio/Odakyu Lines), then take a bus (5 mins) or the ‘Sky Shuttle’ gondola (5-10 minutes).

Cost: Night entry for adults ¥1,400, seniors (65 and over) ¥600, junior high & high school students ¥600, elementary school students ¥300

More info: Event website

Have you been to any winter illuminations in Tokyo? Where would you most like to go? Share your favorite spots in the comments.

Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information in this post at the time of writing, changes may occur at any time. Therefore we encourage you to check official websites to confirm details before your visit.

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Les Petits Pas de Juls

Monday 18th of December 2017

Tokyo sure knows how to put its winter coat on!!!! All those illuminations look absolutely gorgeous! Enjoy it all! xoxoxo

Jessica Korteman

Thursday 28th of December 2017

It sure does! Thank you and hope you're having a wonderful festive season! x

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